IV / IM Therapy 

B12 Injection

B vitamin which aids in the replication of DNA, the formation of new blood cells and assists in the normal function of the nervous system. B12 also significantly increase metabolism, boosts energy and mood. Can be done once a week.

$10 per injection

MIC Injection

Helps breakdown fatty stores in the body. Ingredients include the amino acids Methionine, Inositol and Choline. B12 can often be added to act as an accelerator to increase fat burning. Can be done once or twice a week.

$25 per injection

Super MIC Injection

Blend of MIC and B12. Can increase fat breakdown and metabolism, detoxify the liver and improve over-all health and well-being. Can be done once a week.

$30 per injection


Saintly Skin Refresh Infusion

This IV Drip is the perfect blend of multivitamins to alleviate chronic symptoms like inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue and stress. The hydration you receive from this therapy can increase immune support, alleviate anxiety, migraines and muscle cramps. 


Add-ons available:

MIC (Boost metabolism/weight loss)

Extra Vitamin C (Immune boost/anti-oxidant)

NAD (Energy boost/focus)

Ondansetron (Nausea)

Ketorolac (Pain/inflammation)