Facial Treatments


Dermaplaning is a safe treatment that offers three benefits: it physically exfoliates the skin, it removes peach fuzz, and it allows skincare products to penetrate better. With the old outer layers of skin gone, additional treatments and products are able to penetrate the skin better and more effectively. Dermaplaning is an excellent treatment for rough, dry skin and improves hyperpigmentation, mild scarring and fine lines. 



Deluxe Dermaplaning

Our Deluxe Dermaplaning is our traditional dermaplaning treatment paired with a customized sheet mask. These masks can help deliver extra moisture or key ingredients for anti-aging. Pairing these two treatments together will leave your skin smooth and help the products from the mask be more effective on the skin. 



Dermaplaning with LED

Pair our traditional dermaplaning treatment with our our LED therapy add-on. The LED therapy light color is customized to your skin needs.


Signature Dermaplaning

Pair our traditional dermaplaning treatment with our Signature Peel for ultimate results. The dermaplaning will help remove dead skin through mechanical exfoliation while the peel continues to exfoliate. This combination can also amplify the removal of hyperpigmentation.


Dermaplaning & Oxygen Facial

Pairing an oxygen facial after the mechanical exfoliation of dermaplaning. This combination removes dead skin and peach fuzz and rehydrating the skin with vitamin C infused oxygen.